Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings

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Today at the GIZ’s Fourth Forum on Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings, we presented the developed residential building programs for FBiH and RS until 2030 and models for implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in the residential sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These programs and models will pave the way for a more sustainable and energy-efficient future in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 📈 The numbers speak for themselves! Our analysis revealed that the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in FBiH and RS, in order to fulfill the defined goals in the National Energy and Climate Plan, from 2023-2030 will: 🏡 require total estimated investment cost in the amount of 2.1 billion EUR 👷‍♀️ generate a staggering 205,000 green jobs. Let’s empower residents to save energy, reduce costs, and build a greener tomorrow together! Plus Minus Engineering & Consulting with support by Davorin Marinkovic & Edin Zahirovic. #EnergyEfficiency #RenewableEnergy #ResidentialBuildings #Decarbonization #AffordableSolutions #SustainableLiving #RenovationWave #GreenJobs #SustainableFuture

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