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Within the framework of the 2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN PUBLIC BUILDINGS, the workshop was held where representatives of Plus Minus Engineering & Consulting and Enova Consultants and Engineers presented the results of amendments to the Ordinance on minimum requirements for energy efficiency characteristics of buildings. They also discussed the regulations on the implementation of energy audits and the issuance of energy certificates, definition, and introduction of nZEB which are crucial for assessing and enhancing the energy performance of buildings and achieving goals for decarbonization of the building sector up to 2050. At a time when energy efficiency has become imperative on a global level, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federal Ministry of Spatial Planning, and the World Bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina recognized the need to gather key actors in this field to exchange ideas and learn from each other. We hereby thank them and look forward to the next opportunity to continue discussing strategies for making our environment safer and better. BEEP PlusMinus Enova energyefficiency energyaudits conference nZEB

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