Energy certification of a residential building (apartments) in Bjelašnica

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✔ In this month our company ran a new activity. The energy certification of a residential building (apartments) in Bjelašnica was successfully completed. 🏡 Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) provide details about a building’s energy efficiency, rated on a sliding scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). This information allows prospective buyers, tenants, or occupants to assess a building’s energy performance and estimated energy expenses prior to committing to a contract. Additionally, EPCs include recommendations for reducing energy consumption in the building. 📌 The process of creating the certificate was based on the report on the energy audit of the building, which included: · necessary budgets for reference climate data to show the specific annual required energy for heating, · specific annual required energy for cooling, specific annual supplied energy, · specific annual primary energy, specific annual CO2 emissions and · determining the energy class of the building and creating and issuing the building’s energy certificate. 🅰 The analysed building 👉 was rated with energy class A. 🌐 If you also want an energy passport for your building, contact us! #EPC # #building #energyperformance #certificate

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