Development of applications for energy, environmental, and socially responsible management


Development of software applications for energy, environmental, and socially responsible management

Development of software applications for financing energy efficiency projects, energy savings estimation and calculation of CO2 emissions reduction

We offer the development of software applications for energy, environmental, and socially responsible management for public use as well as for internal use in enterprises, corporations, and the financial sector. Energy-efficient choices for your home/business premises can save up to a third of energy consumption without compromising comfort levels. The application aims to provide clients with a basic indicative idea of the profitability and suitability of investing in energy efficiency projects or renewable energy sources. It serves as a simplified tool in the form of software solution for presenting a business scenario for energy efficiency investment from the perspective of consumers, energy suppliers, or society members. By optimizing energy consumption, clients contribute not only to cost savings but also to environmental sustainability. To calculate energy savings, it is necessary to collect data on energy consumption for individual existing systems and subsystems. Based on this data, the baseline consumption can be determined, which serves as an estimate of potential energy savings. The energy savings calculation within the calculator is performed in accordance with existing laws, standards, and norms. Depending on the choice of energy efficiency measures in the facility, a detailed analysis of energy savings can be provided to the client. Otherwise, energy savings are equated to the savings of a selected reference facility. The developed application provides a concrete display of CO2 emissions reduction resulting from energy consumption reduction through the implementation of appropriate energy efficiency measures. This performance is useful in communicating the client’s strategy aimed at reducing CO2 emissions or promoting sustainability strategies. An important feature of the application is the calculation of the justification of an energy efficiency project. At this calculation stage, possibilities for financing energy efficiency renovation are not taken into account. Instead, it solely presents an investment estimate and potential financial savings achieved through the implementation of energy efficiency measures.


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